Lobbying and Advocacy


We work with Fortune 100 Companies, innovators, trade associations, non-profits, and local and regional governments to provide superior advocacy, engagement, and strategic support tailored to the highly volatile and complex nature of modern day Washington. Since our inception, we have been consistently recognized as one of Washington’s fastest growing and most effective lobbying and government affairs firms.


Aviation & Aerospace

Our aviation practice advises large commercial carriers, major air logistics providers, U.S. airports, and a wide range of technology providers seeking to access next-generation air traffic management markets. Our senior team of professionals have decades of experience working on Capitol Hill and at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We work with clients to understand legislative, political, regulatory, and budget trend-lines around U.S. aviation policy, particularly in the areas of “Next-Gen” efforts to modernize domestic aviation infrastructure and strengthen aviation security.


Cyber Security

McBee Strategic assists clients with the full suite of policy, technical and operational issues pertaining to cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, standards development, privacy, and encryption.  We serve a wide range of companies, including security technology and service providers, software and industrial manufacturing, financial services and aerospace.  McBee is a bipartisan firm, helping our clients drive consensus on vital cyber security issues. We advise on policy positioning, legislative and regulatory strategy, appropriations, public-private partnership management, and thought leadership initiatives.  Our cyber practice head has lead the development of national cybersecurity strategy for the Department of Homeland Security, wrote effective cyber legislation into law, and influenced numerous successful policy outcomes for high tech and financial services companies and trade associations.


Defense and Security

McBee Strategic advises large strategic defense and aerospace companies, defense mid-caps, and innovative technology providers seeking to access defense and security markets. Our senior team of professionals have deep experience working on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon on a diverse range of policy areas in the defense, security and intelligence sectors. We specialize in helping clients shape policy and budgetary choices on their terms and provide high level advisory services to senior company officials seeking an edge in understanding long term defense spending and policy trends in line with broader deficit pressures.



McBee Strategic has one of the largest energy practices in Washington, advising a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-up companies, and investors advancing new energy technologies. Our practice areas include multiple industry subsets such as renewable power, biofuels, nuclear power, and waste clean-up where we help our clients shape policy, regulatory, and budget choices that enable near term business strategies. We also work with clients to understand long term policy implications associated with meta trends such as emissions, resource scarcity, population growth, and security.


Financial Services

Our financial services practice advises large institutional banks and a range of nonprofit interests. Our senior professionals are experts at anticipating policy and regulatory risk in the financial service industry. We work closely with our clients to shape outcomes on future legislative initiatives and ongoing regulatory activity associated with a broad set of issues including the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation and appropriations.


Technology & Telecommunications

McBee Strategic advises a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 companies in the tech-telecom space as well as innovative companies developing market leading digital technologies. Our senior professionals work with clients to understand and ameliorate policy and regulatory risk in areas such as privacy, intellectual property, grid modernization, and cyber security. We also work with IT companies seeking to preserve and strengthen funding for government programs at risk from austerity pressure.


Transportation & Infrastructure

McBee Strategic advises large industrial companies, local and regional municipalities, and technology providers on policy and funding trends for U.S. infrastructure and transportation sectors. U.S. infrastructure requirements now exceed $1 trillion, even as deficit pressures compress U.S. budgets in this area. Our senior professionals work with clients to understand long term policy trends in this area, create edge for clients seeking to access capital for key projects in highly competitive environments, and work to shape long term trends that unlock higher levels of conventional and non-conventional financing for key infrastructure initiatives.